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We are a movement of ordinary people demanding Housing for All in Nashville

The affordable housing crisis is hurting thousands of Nashville residents, but nice words and partial measures have contributed to one of the largest divisions of haves & have-nots in our lifetime. We will bring the crisis to the doorsteps of the mayor, metro council, and all those with the power to concede to our needs. There is no single organization that can win this fight, and no single policy or silver bullet that will reverse years of displacement and destruction of our communities. This requires a movement of nonviolent disruption; a movement that moves public opinion, draws in thousands to take action, and knocks down the pillars holding up the status quo that fills the pockets of millionaires at our expense. We will win because we are the majority.

#HousingForAll #31000Homes 

What We Believe

  • THE HOUSING CRISIS URGENT: We see the symptoms of skyrocketing rent all around us and feel the collateral damage as more and more of us are displaced from our homes and communities.

  • HOUSING IS THE ANSWER: The root of the crisis is the lack of affordable housing. Affordable housing has been under attack for decades. Living wage jobs and other supportive services are important, but we need more housing that is permanently affordable.

  • PEOPLE OVER PROFIT — HOUSING IS A RIGHT: As long as the rich and powerful continue to profit from our displacement, we will continue to have a crisis. We call for solutions that treat dignified, affordable housing as a basic human right.

  • WE BUILD POWER BY INVOLVING OUR COMMUNITY: Everyone has a role. By pooling our skills, resources, ideas, and talents, we grow our collective action and shared struggle.

  • WE ASK FOR WHAT WE NEED: Moments across history remind us of the gains that can be made from what some may view as impractical demands. We are committed to fighting for what we want, not what we think we can get.



  • INDEPENDENCE FROM POLITICIANS AND POLITICAL PARTIES: We are keeping our eye on the prize - housing for all. Our demands are independent from political parties because housing for all is a human rights issue that people from all walks of life and beliefs should support.


Read more about the Movement for 31,000 Affordable Homes at this link. As will treat this as a living document and as we grow our movement, we will include updates to our plan, our theory of change, our policy priorities and principles. This is our movement story.