$5.2 Billion Public Transit Plan for Nashville?

Only if it benefits ALL of Us!

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Mayor Barry has announced plans to place a tax referendum on the ballot to fund the $5.2 billion nMotion public transit plan. The plan, which includes new light rail lines along several major corridors - beginning with Gallatin Pike - would be the largest infrastructure project in our city’s history. But will it benefit all Nashvillians? Or will light rail further lead to economic and racial inequality?

The crisis in our city is real. The crisis is deep. Thousands are being forced to move out because of skyrocketing rents and lack of good jobs. Riders often lose jobs because the bus doesn't go to their neighborhood or run when frequently. 

Democracy Nashville, Homes for All Nashville, Music City Riders United, and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1235 have launched the PATHE Coalition to demand a halt to nMotion until community benefits including, low-income housing, major bus expansion, and living wage jobs are written in.  We are not against improving transit, but we need assurances that we will all benefit.


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