Atlanta Coalition Issues Statement of Solidarity With PATHE

Following the release of their 65-page "Beltline for All" report, the Atlanta-based Housing Justice League issued a statement of solidarity with PATHE. We are not alone in our fight for public investment that includes Community Benefits!


To Whom it May Concern, 

We are members of the Housing Justice League in Atlanta, GA, a coalition of neighbors on Atlanta's south side that came together four years ago to fight for our right to remain in our homes. Our communities have been devastated by a recent transit infrastructure development called the Atlanta BeltLine and are fighting hard to protect ourselves from further harm. When the city launched this development, it promised much needed services and opportunities to historically disinvested communities. The Atlanta BeltLine sought to better connect a city, segregated by race and class in its very structure, through a new rapid transit system and walkable, bikeable paths. Now, 12 years into this project, all we have to show is mass displacement in historically-disenfranchised communities, a rapidly gentrifying city, and two disconnected bike paths with no promise of public transit in the foreseeable future. We have seen property values skyrocket along the BeltLine corridors and while we were promised funding for 5600 low income housing units, funding for only 1000 units has been acquired.

We have been following the recent proposals for transit redevelopment in Nashville and see so many of the same warning signs. Massive urban development projects like the Beltline and nMotion must offer strong and explicit investment in the low income and working class communities that will be most impacted by the development. This requires actively centering the voices of these residents and centering these voices in decision making processes.

We stand in solidarity with PATHE and Nashville residents as they fight for transit development that does not displace working people.


Atlanta Housing Justice League 

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